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What is The Class Wall?

The Class Wall is an easy-to-use web application that allows classrooms to securely and easily share and communicate. Teachers can post up coursework, study guides, online tests & quizzes, grades, school photos and videos, or any other type of media! Students can communicate privately amongst themselves, or in an open forum where the instructor may step in and answer questions. "Observers" (parents, friends and relatives) can also easily keep watch and/or participate. The realtime messaging system allows students to chat one-on-one or in group chat rooms. Additionally, the offline messaging system allows them to send notes to each other, and allows teachers to send notes to the class, similar to a traditional email system.

For Students

  • Secure place to share with other students
  • Real-time group chat rooms
  • Easy to find friends that are online and available to chat
  • Post questions or answer other students' questions
  • A "home base" for finding homework, due dates, useful information, downloads, and more.

For Parents

  • Easy to communicate with teachers and other parents
  • Easy to keep an eye on their children's progress
  • Access can be given to an unlimited number of relatives and friends
  • Get timely reports on students' activity
  • Secure and private chat rooms between parents and teachers

For Teachers

  • Easy to communicate with other teachers and school administrators
  • Broadcast messages to the entire class
  • Post videos, homework assignments, and useful web links
  • Powerful reporting for tracking students' progress
  • Social interaction graphs illustrate classroom dynamics
  • Easy classroom setup

For Schools

  • Easy to post public school information
  • Information exchange between school staff
  • Keep track of useful school documents
  • Share curriculum with other schools
  • Easy for school administrators to follow what is happening in each classroom and track students' progress

Post Anything!


Easily post galleries of school photos - slideshows can easily be watched on all mobile devices!


For now you can only post YouTube videos, but webcam videos and uploaded videos are coming soon! A library of Khan Academy videos is provided, making it easy to embed these videos directly into your class walls!

Quizzes & Tests

Coming soon!

Homework Assignments

Post any types of files to be downloaded and printed out at home.

Links to Websites

Post links anywhere! A library of interesting sites is built-in, making posting exciting links easy!

Status updates

Sometimes students just want to let the class know what they're up to - status updates are great for that!

With The Class Wall, Communication is Easy!


Cool and Powerful Walls
Student List
Class List
Fun Chat Rooms
Internal Messaging System
Adding Walls
Nice, clean and fast user interface


The Class Wall is one of the finest web applications in the history of mankind. --Abraham Lincoln
Don't believe everything you read on the internet. --George Washington
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