The Class Wall puts an extensive educational content library at your fingertips!

A huge assortment of videos, PDFs, web links and other educational content are available from The Khan Academy, MIT Open Courseware, and other sources, and new content is constantly being added. Teachers can post any online resource directly to any wall with only two simple clicks. Currently, there are more than 1600 educational videos on a variety of topics already available! Of course, you are always free to post content from anywhere you like (any type of file, video - your own or YouTube, photo, download, link, whatever!)

Easy school, class, and student administration, so teachers can quickly and easily set up their classes.

The Class Wall is about saving time, not costing it. To that end, classroom administration and setup is made as easy as possible through a very simple and intuitive wizard system. Student accounts are automatically created and emails are sent to them informing them of their login details and other information. Accounts may also be created for any number of student "observers", such as parents and other relatives, so they can easily follow the student's progress.

The Class Wall makes it very easy to post anything you like!

Any type of media can be posted on The Class Wall, from educational videos, links to websites or YouTube videos, class photos and videos, downloadable and printable worksheets, discussions, teacher comments, whatever! A comprehensive built-in library of web links and videos makes getting started very easy. Every post can be commented on by students, thus facilitating communication between students and teachers and providing an open forum for a combination of posted media and classroom dialogue.

The Class Wall makes it very easy to communicate in a variety of networks!

Teachers can easily share ideas with one another through "Teacher Only" walls. Students can do the same with "Student Only" walls. Walls can be set up only for Teachers and Parents. Other walls can exist only for Teachers and Students, so parents can't participate or listen. And finally, individual Teacher to Student walls can be made for each student in each class. This gives each student one-on-one direct communication with the instructor. Additionally, various posting permissions can be set up on a per-student/parent level, so teachers can decide to make their walls loud and open or more lecture-like. Never has coordinating classroom communication been so clear!

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